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Transports KTI, spécialiste du transport frigorifique
Our services


As a haulage company, our role is to move your goods safely from point A to point B within an agreed time frame. We offer complete, fit-for-purpose solutions and high-quality services. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to any and all of your requests. Our staff are there to listen to you and truly want to establish a close, trust-based relationship with you.

Transports KTI, spécialiste du transport frigorifique

Our offer

  • Examination of your needs

    : from the first contact with you, our staff carefully examine your request in order to find an optimal solution (service type, delivery start and end points, volume, turnaround times, technical constraints, etc.)
  • Drawing up a quote

    : we set rates that enable us to compensate our staff fairly while also ensuring an excellent quality/price ratio for you.
  • Signing the contract

    : whether you are choosing a short- or long-term contract, we coordinate management in all aspects to make your work easier.
  • Service preparation

    : loading of the lorry at the agreed site and haulage to the chosen destination.

Your guarantees

  • Professionalism

    : our drivers are trained to offer you high-quality services that meet your requirements.
  • Expertise

    : with regular turnover of our bi-temperature refrigerated vehicles with lift gates, we provide you with our expertise in the cold chain and in haulage.
  • Tracking of your goods

    : throughout their journey, you can track your products thanks to our geolocated lorry fleet. You can also track trailer temperature remotely and in real time.
Transports KTI, spécialiste du transport frigorifique
Our services

Logistics and storage

As a function of your needs, your goods can be processed and stored in our warehouses before being shipped to their final destination. Simplify the handling of your products, and benefit from careful, fast logistics thanks to our expertise.

Transports KTI, spécialiste du transport frigorifique

Our offer

  • Warehousing

    : cut back on your storage facilities by outsourcing your inventory to our premises.
  • Order preparation

    : packing and handling of your products prior to their shipping.
  • Shipping

    : delivery of your goods in accordance with your constraints.

Your guarantees

  • Flexibility

    : for any issue, we try to find a solution that satisfies your demands.
  • Security

    : your goods are kept secure thanks to an optimal security set-up. They are also insured in case of incident.
  • Services Transports KTI
    That little extra

    If requested, we can dedicate a vehicle and a driver to your business. This leasing system means that your goods will be hauled in accordance with your wishes.

  • Groupement Flo
    Groupement Flo

    Transports KTI, Strasbourg representative of the Groupement Flo network, a 11,200 employees company specialized in 10 domains

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Our services
KTI and the environment

The environment is everyone’s business. At Transports KTI, we’ve made it our priority.

Learn about our commitments:

  • Conseils et solutions

    our drivers are trained in eco-friendly driving techniques in order to reduce fuel consumption and thus minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Norme Euro 6
    Euro 6 standard

    our vehicle fleet meets this European standard, aiming to reduce pollutant gas emissions from road vehicles. Our clean-burning lorries minimise particulate emissions into the environment.

  • Plantation Arbre Flo Palette
    Tree planting with FLO PALLETS

    as a member of this network, we participate in a programme that plants one tree in France for every 10 pallets shipped, in order to contribute to reforestation. In this way, we can reduce our ecological footprint.

Transports KTI is part of the Flo Pallets palletised parcel organisation within the Flo Group. Alongside 100 small, multi-specialist hauliers in France, this mutual assistance network enables us to offer you solutions for the transport of one to five pallets.

Our vehicles
Focus on our vehicles

Transports KTI is proud to have a fleet of vehicles meeting the latest safety and environmental standards in order to ensure efficient, committed service. Our vehicles are maintained and renewed regularly to ensure greater safety for our drivers and your goods. Thanks to a geolocation system, you can track our lorries en route to make sure that your products will be there when you need them. You can also ship your products in two separate spaces thanks to double-deck trailers or partition walls. Your food products requiring different storage temperatures will also be preserved en route thanks to the bi-temperature system available inside our lorries.